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Hunters Gathering: December 2021

Year in Review

2021 was the year that lasted a decade and also only about three minutes at the same time. We successfully Kickstarted two new games, Gods of Metal: Ragnarock (written by Ivan van Norman) and Exquisite Crime (written by Banana Chan and Sen-Foong Lim). We brought you another year of Free Content Friday. Our Outbreak: Undead.. game Rag&Bone came to a close, only to surge back to horrifying unlife in the form of our new show, United States of the Dead, in partnership with our friends at HyperRPG! Speaking of Outbreak: Undead.., our friends at Geek and Sundry have brought season two of We're Alive: Frontier back to our screens. (We have a lot of friends. We're lucky that way.)

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

Our heavy metal RPG draws ever closer to completion, with Ivan van Norman working his fingers to the bone to finish design and development (we guarantee no bone fragments will be in the final product). We're aiming to get it to the printers in May, at which point the PDF will be released for Kickstarter backers, with the print book following later in the year depending on the duration of the printing and distribution processes. In the meantime, we have some beautiful add-ons to show off!

Exquisite Crime

This unique storytelling game comes from the inventive minds of Banana Chan and Sen-Foong Lim. Exquisite Crime sees players become Paranormal Detectives, using their narrative and artistic abilities to investigate and solve a crime. It's for players of all levels of ability, as showcased here in a Let's Play with the folks at HyperRPG. We'll keep you posted on how to obtain a copy if you didn't back the Kickstarter campaign.

United States of the Dead

Though Rag&Bone came to a close in November 2021 after over 50 harrowingly horrific episodes, our Survivors were not blessed with finding their rest at last. Our new Outbreak: Undead.. campaign, United States of the Dead, plunges them back into the terrifying and sometimes whimsical world of the Romeros, once again under the tender guidance of Noxweiler Ignatius Berf. #USotD features the talents of Markeia McCarty, Sarah Chaffee, and Michelle Nguyen Bradley, with recurring guests including Chelsea Cook and Cynthia Marie. We're not sure where we buried Luis Carazo, but once he digs his way out, he'll be joining the show as well. United States of the Dead is a production in partnership with HyperRPG and Forteller Games, and we're looking forward to seeing which hilariously deadly hazards Nox will spring on the Survivors next!

We're Alive: Frontier

Speaking of shows that have risen from the grave, we're delighted that season two of We're Alive: Frontier is now available on YouTube, thanks to Geek and Sundry. If you don't know the show, We're Alive: Frontier is also an Outbreak: Undead.. live play campaign, run by Ivan "Terrormonger" van Norman. The cast includes Anjali Bhimani, Vince Caso, Alcuin Gersh, Xander Jeanneret, Rachel Kimsey, Josh Petersdorf, Melanie Stone, and B. Dave Walters, although we won't say who turns up when; spoilers!

Catch up on season one

Continue the tale with season two

Free Content Friday

We will be taking down 2021's Free Content Friday materials soon to convert them into Annuals compiling the material for each game separately, so grab it now! (Although our Annuals are very reasonably priced.)

Free Content Friday will be continuing in 2022; more details are to come soon. Remember, it's free for the readers, but we do pay our writers, so if you have a pitch for something you would like to write for FCF, just send an email to Alex. If we approve the idea you'll get to work it up professionally with the team and be paid for your work! We look forward to working with you.

That's all from us for now. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and we'll see you in 2022!


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