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Witness the fall of civilization.

Icarus is a collaborative storytelling game about the fall of a great civilization. Every game begins in a city-nation known as Icarus at the height of its power where, in celebration, the city has decided to erect a massive, ever-growing monument in the center of town to display its prestige to the world.


During the game, you will be stacking dice to represent the construction of this monument, drawing cards from a story deck to create the escalating events in the city, and influencing the outcome of those events through actions driven by your characters’ motives.


By combing the tension of Jenga with the world-building elements of games like The Quiet Year and Dialect, Icarus allows you to explore what it means for a great civilization to collapse, as they all do with time. And when the dice tower finally falls, your civilization falls with it and the game comes to a volatile end.


  • 20 Custom Stacking Dice

  • 52 Card Story Deck

  • Rulebook

  • Sheet of Aspect Cards

More about Icarus

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Icarus - A Storytelling game about how Great Civilizations Fall.

Icarus - A Storytelling game about how Great Civilizations Fall.

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How to Play Icarus

How to Play Icarus

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Icarus | Game the Game

Icarus | Game the Game

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Downloadable Add-Ons and Supplements for Icarus



Running low on your provided Aspect pad? We have you covered! Grab these free Aspect Sheets to print at home and have all you'll ever need!



If there are accessibility problems with stacking dice at the table or you want to play Icarus online, you can use this Dex-Friendly Tower to determine when Icarus falls.

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