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A heavy metal-inspired RPG of epic proportions!

Bust out the D4's, turn up the volume and live out your rock fantasy!

You are a citizen of Mundania - a world filled with toil, mediocrity, and paperwork, where the Manga'Ran feed on the suffering of mortals. But the Gods of Metal have seen the fire in your soul - and they have chosen you to cross the planes of existence and fight for their righteous cause in the realm of Ragnarock! Pledge your allegiance to your patron Metal God, form your band of adventurers, and fight back against the enemies of Ragnarock to pursue glory and ascend to godhood!

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock uses pools of d4s to determine your influence as an Avatar of Metal. Use your successes (Tributes) to perform miracles of bad-assery, or take failures (Feedback) as you battle to shape the future of the universe. But be wary - the enemies of Ragnarock can use your accumulated Feedback against you. You may even find yourself crashing back to the cubicles of Mundania, to perish in mediocrity... FOREVER.


This game is a high-energy, over-the-top RPG filled with glory, teamwork, and adventure. Created by Ivan Van Norman, with an original soundtrack by Jason Charles Miller.

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