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Hunters Entertainment are a team of industry veterans that strives to create products that are fun, unique, and immersive. Our combined 80+ years of experience provides quality, yet doesn't lack our desire to innovate. Every ounce of effort in our titles has been focused on bringing you a flexible, well-designed, and most importantly exciting experience.

Chris de la Rosa profile picture

Chris De La Rosa

Partner, Lead Designer

Christopher J. De La Rosa graduated with a BA in psychology with an emphasis on research, but does graphic design for entertainment, notably MGM Worldwide Television, WB, and Netflix Original Programming, including Altered CarbonStranger ThingsThe Crown, Marvel’s PunisherThe Defenders and Jessica Jones. His work has been printed in Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety and on billboards in major media markets globally. Across the multiple publishing companies he has been a part of, he has designed over 25 books for a range of talented authors, some of entertainment's most influential concept artists. and leading instructors in art and design.

Ivan Van Norman profile picture

Ivan Van Norman


Ivan has been producing tabletop games and media content for over 10 years with Hunters Entertainment as well as other companies. In addition to being co-owner, he is the head of Critical Role's Darrington Press, and has consulted for many other companies including Wizards of the Coast, and Hersch Games (Taboo). On the Media side, he worked as a producer of board/RPG content for several digital media projects, including the role of game producer on Wil Wheaton’s TableTop S3 and S4. He also briefly served as executive producer of International Tabletop Day.

Markeia McCarty profile pic

Markeia McCarty

Community Director

Markeia McCarty, a University of Florida Theatre alumni, has lived in many countries and worn many hats. She loves and has worked in multiple levels of the creative world; her main focus is to help steer creative projects to be relatable &, most importantly, inclusive. Mostly known for her current work as a professional nerd culture, horror & gaming host (Something Scary, Nerdist, DC Daily, Fangirling, Collider Heroes), she also has extensive experience as a professional TTRPG player (Critical Role, Geek & Sundry, HyperRPG, & more) a producer/host (Something Scary, Hunters Entertainment, AfterbuzzTV, iO West, & more), and sketch & comedy improviser (iO, Second City, UCB, The Groundlings). 


Michelle Ngyuen Bradley

Project Manager

Michelle Nguyen Bradley is a show host, voice actor, producer, and professional TTRPG player who's played on networks like Critical Role, Roll20, DnDBeyond and HyperRPG and currently appears as a regular cast member for Idle Champions, Paizo and Hunters Entertainment's weekly shows on Twitch. Michelle has also done geek content like MCing on Anime Expo's Main Stage, producing and hosting the Manga Book Club for Viz Media and "Button Mash" on the Total Nerd Network, and more! She has been a producer for live broadcasts, events and more for over 12 years. Find her work at and on socials at @iamchubbybunny.


Noxweiler Ignatius Berf

Creative Director

Currently, Nox exists and works tirelessly on many creative projects in Los Angeles California. You may know him from his miniature painting and terrain work on various projects for the Geek & Sundry network, including Outbreak: We’re Alive Frontier, Relics & Rarities, and The Painter’s Guild. You may recognize him from his miniature painting manual Arcane Arts - A Guide to the Exploration of New Worlds through Miniature Painting & Tabletop Mayhem. Additionally, he is an avid storyteller and game master; you can find him running games on Scabby Rooster, Hyper RPG, and Hunters Entertainment’s Twitch channels, Outbreak: Rag & Bone and the sequel campaign United States of the DeadRealms Apart, and Total Party Killz, and a finely honed storm of chaos on all social media @eatenbypotchky and on the @scabbyrooster studio.


Lauren E. Mitchell

Customer Support and Fulfilment

Lauren E. Mitchell, aka @LaurenThemself across the internet, started their Hunters career as a Twitch moderator. They have written supplementary Australian-based content for Outbreak: Undead.., as well as apocalyptic fiction appearing in Defying Doomsday and Oz is Burning. They hold a BA (Creative Writing/Psychology), Grad Dip of Editing and Publishing, and a Master of Communication, and are delighted to invest all those years of academia into writing about zombies.

Fabienne Miskelly (2).jpg

Fabienne Miskelly

Social Media Manager

Fabienne, or Fab for short, hails from San Francisco with a background and BFA in Performing Arts. She currently lives in Los Angeles pursuing a career in film and television both in front of and behind the camera. Fab's social media experience comes from her managment from several small theatre companies, community management of indie videogame and makeup companies, as well as producing content for Twitch streaming studios. Though Fab has only recently become a fan of TTRPG's, she was introduced to it through her love of LARP and love of grim dark wargames. You can find her everywhere online @magicalgirlfab.


Brandon Caesara

Financial Controller

Brandon lives in Berkeley, California with his wife and two sons. In addition to his work at Hunters Entertainment he's self-employed as an investment advisor and also coaches rowing. He and his family spend their summers at their house in Vietnam, but when he's in California you can find Brandon training martial arts with his kids or rowing out on the San Francisco Bay. He became a fan of table-top RPGs at a young age, and now his kids are as well.


Alex Teplitz


Alex Teplitz (he/they) is a LA-based storyteller originally from New York City. They work in the TTRPG publishing industry as a writer, editor, art director, and game designer; known for work on the Confluence RPG, Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives, and One More Multiverse VTT. Alex is the GM of the ongoing horror campaign Strange Hungers @TotalPartyKiss, an avid player/performer of games (@GoingCritRPG, @GehennaGaming, @HappyJacksRPG) and a lover of wizards, secrets, and monstrosities in all of their forms. He can be found across the internet @alder_mancy and



Marketing & Development Associate

Indrani is a marketer, community builder, TTRPG streamer, writer, game producer, and India's first handmade dice-maker. She co-founded Desis & Dragons, India’s largest TTRPG community. They have been working as a digital marketing generalist in various industries for over 5 years. In 2022, she was inducted to the The Game Awards Future Class. Indrani is a staunch advocate for equity in games... and a serial hobbyist. You can find them online at @NonagonDice, or keep up with their community at @DesisNDragons.

DianaSousa Portrait.jpg

Diana Sousa

Layout Artist

Diana Sousa lives in Portugal, where she splits her time between all things graphic design, comics, and writing related, as well as all sorts of nerdy content. She’s the colorist for several Critical Role comic books and graphic novels, from Dark Horse Comics, and also worked on the last two issues of Crowded by Image Comics. A professional multitasker, she’s eternally searching for a time travel machine so she can work on all sorts of creative projects. If you know where to find one, reach out at @DianaSousaArt on any social media platforms.

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