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Hunters Gathering: Jan. 2018

And We’re Back! Greetings to everyone - first of all let's start off with saying a belated happy holidays and new year! We took a bit of a reprieve from the news over the holiday season, but we’re back to it again for the coming year. However, we thought it might be nice to do something a little different at the same time, and so for this first post back we have two objectives in mind. First we want to take a moment to look back and reflect upon 2017 as it was a pretty big year for Hunters Entertainment and our community. After we take a look back we’ll take a look forward and discuss a bit of the exciting things that have just recently been announced and things to get excited for coming down the road.

So, without any further ado we can go ahead and get right to it all.

2017 - A Retrospective It really has been an exciting and crazy year, and taking a look back on it there are a number of things that it seems appropriate to reflect upon. For instance, we started off 2017 with the launch of the very news you’re reading now - the Hunters Gathering first debuted last January and was a well received addition to the Hunters Entertainment community. Since then it has become yet another meaningful way that we can keep in contact with all of you and keep you in the loop on the various ongoings as they progress and come to fruition. It has also provided us the ability to keep you informed about projects we have in development, and sometimes even release a few little teasers of things to come.

There were some pretty humbling moments as well, where this wonderful community showed just how much they support us and the products we make. The first of these came when, at Gen Con 50, The ABCs of RPGs won a Silver ENnie Award for “Best RPG Related Product” making it officially our second award winning line of products! We can’t begin to express just how honored we are that you love the products that we make, because we pour ourselves into them being things we personally love and want, so it feels great to know we aren’t alone in that.

But it didn’t stop there, as we also managed to launch and successfully fund (that is such an understatement) two Kickstarter Campaigns - one for the Outbreak: Undead.. 2nd Edition Core Rules and another for our brand new game line Kids on Bikes. Starting with the Outbreak: Undead.. Campaign you all immediately floored us by crushing our initial goal and starting to unlock Stretch Goals within the first few hours of launch, and you kept on unlocking stuff right up to the end when we raised 592% of our target goal! Shortly after launching that first Campaign we launched a second for Kids on Bikes and once again you all came out in droves and proceeded to smash through Stretch Goals faster than we could come up with them, in the end we closed out with an impressive 1,869% of our target goal!

Then there was all of the fun things that we got to do over the course of the year with all of you and our friends in the industry. We got to play some fun games via social media with the Rag and Bone Man, your comments and ideas are what continue to make interacting on the internet fun. If you don’t already, you can follow us on Facebook via Hunters Entertainment, Outbreak: Undead, or Kids on Bikes and on Twitter via Hunters Entertainment. We also got to play around w