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Hunters Gathering: Apr. 2019

That Time Again Hello once again to one and all! It is time to chat a bit about the things going on over here at Hunters, so gather round and settle in. Before we dive deep, as a reminder you can connect with us on any of our official social media pages:

The Big News

The news is all true! If you happened to somehow miss the big announcement over the past weekend, then let us be the first to tell you. Hunters Entertainment will be doing the official Altered Carbon RPG! You can check out the official press release here on our site to get yourself all caught up for now.

To everyone else who has given us such a wonderful reception since the news broke, first off thank you so much! We're humbled by the genuine excitement and positive response we've seen in the gaming community. We are also very much aware that many of you have loads of questions, we see and hear you and are compiling up all these to address in the near future. So, in the meantime, don't hesitate to ping us on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord with any questions you might have at this early stage.

Free Content Friday

Free Content Friday for Outbreak: Undead.. once again comes to us this month alongside your news blast. We've only got a few more months left for the first year run since bringing this line back, but we've got things in mind for the future already that we'll talk about in time!

As for our next release we have some content created by one of the members of our amazing community! Those of you who mingle on our Discord will know them as Caecurra. Within the pages of this FCF you're going to get taken to the remains of an old carnival. Of course there is more than just a simple location when it comes to this, and you'll have a whole scenario based around this ominous location. And word has it there is something particularly nasty in those ruins!

Be sure to drop by and grab your copy, available now in the Outbreak: Undead.. Downloads and on DriveThruRPG!

If you're interested in trying your own hand at creating some content for Outbreak: Undead.. you can reach out on our Discord, Facebook Page or Community, Twitter, or even just pop an email directly to Alex for more information on how to get involved.

Kickstarter Updates Incoming

For those of you who are backers for either Icarus or Outbreak: Undead.. we will be rolling out some updates on those projects in the next couple of days. Each of them have some more progress since we last chatted, so we'll be sure to address all of that with out backers first and foremost. We certainly hope you've been enjoying all the content that has come out so far, and we look forward to getting the rest of that out to you all very soon.


It is so refreshing to have spring really settling in now, and it feels like this epic year is getting well underway now. Thanks for continuing to join and support us on this awesome journey!

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