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Hunters Gathering: May 2019

The Year Rolls On Hey there everyone, welcome to the monthly news! Time to chat on some things going on here at Hunters, so get comfy and settle in. Before flying into all the details, just a quick reminder to connect with us on any of our official social media pages:

Altered Carbon News

Last month we rolled out the big news that Hunters Entertainment would be developing an Altered Carbon RPG in partnership with Skydance Television and our partners at Renegade Game Studios. Since dropping the big announcement we've seen a lot of excitement in the community, and we're incredibly grateful for that. Along with all of that support you've also had a number of questions, which is to be expected, and as we said you'll be hearing more about this new game as we move forward.

Well, the time has come for us to roll out the first little bits of information. For those of you who didn't happen to catch it yet, our own Ivan Van Norman took a bit of time out to chat with the folks over at ENWorld about some more details related to the upcoming game. You can read through the whole interview here on their website! We hope that this initial set of details helps to give an idea of what you'll be able to expect without completely spoiling all the fun just yet.

Of course, we'll have some more to say about things as we keep moving on so be sure to keep checking back with us for all the latest details!

Free Content Friday

Free Content Friday for Outbreak: Undead.. once again comes to us this month alongside your news blast. We're down to the last few months for the first year run return run, but we've got plans for the future already that we'll talk about soon!

For this next release we have some content created by our in house team! In fact, this is a nasty little creation whipped up by yours truly. This one is a bit more straightforward than some of our previous entries, giving you a lethal One Big Monster to bring terror to your troupe. We've been looking for a good spot to drop this little nasty, and we figure that FCF was a good way to go with it.

Be sure to drop by and grab your copy, available now in the Outbreak: Undead.. Downloads and on DriveThruRPG!

If you're interested in trying your own hand at creating some content for Outbreak: Undead.. you can reach out on our Discord, Facebook Page or Community, Twitter, or even just pop an email directly to Alex for more information on how to get involved.

Kickstarter Updates Incoming

Backers of Icarus or Outbreak: Undead.. will be seeing some updates in the next couple of days. Each have at least some new details since last we talked, and we like to give our backers the first details. We certainly hope you've been enjoying all the content that has come out so far, and we look forward to getting the rest of that out to you all very soon!


Thanks for continuing to join and support us on this awesome journey!

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