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Hunters Gathering: May 2021

No Slowing Down!

Spring is here now, and despite missing last month we do indeed have another Hunters Gathering lined up. We have so much stuff coming down the pipeline across our brands, as well as a few surprises in store that we can't talk about just yet! But, for the time being, we'll focus on some of the stuff we can chat about. So on to the news.

Free Content Friday 2021 Continues!

As we continue to roll forward in the year, you all know that means it is time for more content in our Free Content Friday 2021 run! Before we dive in, here is a quick overview of FCF and what you can expect this year, specifically for this release:

Free Content Friday is a program at Hunters Entertainment where we collaborate with industry veterans and members of our amazing community to bring fresh and free content to our games. So, what are we bringing you this time? This year we are doing something new, in that the content featured in this run will have a consistent theme that will be explored in more detail over the releases.

For Outbreak: Undead.. we continue on our focus of the world of our Twitch series, "Outbreak: Undead.. Rag & Bone" that we hope you're tuning in to watch live every Tuesday on our channel! For this release we're taking a look around the region and at those who call it home, as our own Noxweiler Ignatius Berf dives in head first into an exploration of some of the factions we have encountered from the series. As the hits keep on coming, this world continues to open itself up to your own home tables!

With Kids on Brooms we continue the adventures in our fully realized magical school, The Delacorte Academy of the Arcane! We have another adventure for you this month, developed by the wonderful Jameson McDaniel. This time around things are a little bit different as the players take on the roles of a group of substitute teachers at The Delacorte, who find themselves called to service in the wake of a mass disappearance among the faculty!

That covers this month's new free content that you can download over on DriveThruRPG (and it is available right now), but don't forget that you can also get involved by creating content for the program. Just send an email to Alex with a pitch for a content release, and if we approve the idea you'll get to work it up professionally with the team and be paid for your work! We look forward to working with you.

Hunters On Demand!

We've talked in the past a bit about how we have an official Twitch channel. This is a great way for our community to join us live and further explore the content that we make with outstanding players taking the lead! But that isn't the only way you can engage with the top quality media content that we are producing.

For those of you not aware, we also maintain an official YouTube channel! This is openly available to anyone, no paid subscriptions needed, and contains our backlog of past content loaded up around one week after airing live. This means as a Twitch Subscriber you can get immediate access to our VoD offerings, but if you aren't able to sub and have a little patience you can also catch us for free on our other home on the web!

Media Milestone and Collaborations!

While we're talking about the media arm of Hunters Entertainment, we would be remiss if we didn't mention a few major achievements that we recently reached. First of all, we just ran the 30th episode of our hit series Outbreak: Undead.. Rag & Bone thanks to all of your continued support! This makes the series the longest running show using Outbreak: Undead.. to date, and we couldn't be more pleased to see the number of viewers continuing to grow. If you're not already watching, we have a playlist of all our past episodes on YouTube, and we're rolling out new episodes every Tuesday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET over on Twitch! We'd love for you to join us and spread the word about the series, maybe give it a rating over on IMDB, and help us share our brand of zombie apocalypse with more of the world.

In addition to that, we've recently had the privilege and honor to bring you a dual interconnected series in partnership with Level Up Dice / Level Up TTV in our Altered Carbon: Birmingham Uprising campaign. The series consisted of eight interconnected episodes spread across two channels over the month of April with two amazingly talented casts lead by our own Markeia McCarty! Needless to say this was quite the feat and accomplishment, and we are absolutely floored by the support you gave us for this miniseries run. If you happened to miss it, you can catch the past episodes on the Level Up TTV Twitch Channel (no subscription required) and over on the Hunters Entertainment YouTube Channel (again, no subscription required). It is a wonderful showcase of Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game, the upcoming Birmingham supplement, and the phenomenal folks who brought this story to life.

And that isn't the only collaboration we have going on either, as we've partnered up with Roll20 for a Kids on Bikes series over on the Roll20 Twitch Channel and featuring our very own Markeia McCarty. This has been a wildly fun series, giving folks a nice way to spend some time on a Monday. That said, all good things do have to come to an end sooner or later, and this Monday marks the finale of the series! Be sure to tune in Monday morning at 8am PT / 11am ET as this brilliantly talented cast close out our story. As normal, if you happened to miss out on the past episodes you can always catch back up on the Roll20 Twitch Channel. As a bonus, Shareef Jackson also elected to do a little behind the scenes "GM Prep" series in tandem with this campaign, so for all you aspiring GMs out there that are looking to see how it all works (or veteran GMs just looking to get some more solid advice) this is something you don't want to miss.

Conventions and Shows!

We know that you love a chance at connecting with the team and our community at conventions and shows, and what with the past year and some change there is no doubt you're curious what is in store for 2021. Well, the good news is we do have plans. While we aren't at a point where we are ready to load you up with tons of juicy details, we can still provide at least a bit of context.

For this year, Hunters Entertainment will primarily be focused on digital conventions and shows. This option provides us with the unique ability to connect with fans all over the globe who might not otherwise be able to attend shows we would be present at, and that was one of the more positive takeaways for us over this time. As such, we plan to keep this in our toolkit and we'll be bringing you details in the coming months in regards to online opportunities to come and hang out with us, play some games, and have a bit of good fun!

In addition to that, we are presently considering a presence at a couple of live shows this year as well. We expect this to be a light schedule as we start to ease back into the swing of things, and again we are not quite at a point where we can be too explicit about the details. Just know that we'll have some details coming soon for you regarding how you might be able to connect with our crew in person during 2021.


Until next time, take care and prepare. We're all in this together, and we love you all!


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