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Hunters Gathering: Jun. 2019

Welcome to the News Greetings again community, are we ready for the monthly news? Fantastic, but first, you all know the drill. Before diving into the deep end, we just have a quick reminder to connect with us on any of our official social media pages:

Hunters at Origins Game Fair

The convention season is upon us once again, and for Hunters we'll be kicking it all off at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this June 12-16! As is usual for our convention appearances we'll have some of the team in town and our volunteer GM team will be running sessions of our games for you to enjoy. That includes offerings for Kids on Bikes, Outbreak: Undead.., and first look sessions of our latest game, Icarus!

While we didn't setup up any special panels or signings for this event, we'll still have a member of the team on site to chat and hang out. So, for those of you who will be in attendance be sure to track down Alex Huilman (you know, me, your humble blog author among other things) from the team. It is a pretty safe bet that you should be able to say hi without getting infected.

Also, since Origins tends to fall on Free RPG Day, we'll have offerings on hand for everyone to enjoy. No sense missing out on great free stuff just because you decided to attend a convention, so be sure to grab copies of our free offerings while you're having fun at the con!

Free Content Friday

Free Content Friday for Outbreak: Undead.. once again comes to us this month alongside your news blast. We've only got one more release left for us to reach our full year of free content, but we have some plans we'll talk about more next month on how FCF will evolve after we close out this run!

This latest installment of the series brings us a brand new type of undead - something that isn't so mindless like your average freaks. The Zombtelligent come to us from one of our awesome community members who also happens to be one of our volunteer GMs at conventions who you may have interacted with before. Online he goes by PotentChaos, the one and only Dakota Hayes! We're confident this will throw your survivors for a loop, and give them a whole host of new nightmares to contend with.

Be sure to drop by and grab your copy, available now in the Outbreak: Undead.. Downloads and on DriveThruRPG!

If you're interested in trying your own hand at creating some content for Outbreak: Undead.. you can reach out on our Discord, Facebook Page or Community, Twitter, or even just pop an email directly to Alex for more information on how to get involved.

Icarus Update

Just a quick recap from our latest Kickstarter update, the digital version of Icarus is now available. Hopefully this is old news by this point because you already have it! Around the middle of June we expect all copies of the Icarus Core Set to be manufactured, and then it will take a month to get all the product to our various US warehouses. Assuming everything goes to plan, we intend to start fulfilling backers in the United States 2 weeks before GenCon (middle of July) with international following just behind that (as the product needs to get to our international warehouses to be shipped out to those backers).

Standard distribution will begin after that point, so it isn't too long now before everyone can get their hands on a physical copy of the game!

Call for Beta Testers

Those of you who have been members of our community for awhile now will know full well that we love to do things with you folks, and let you get some peeks behind the scenes of the industry. Well, we have some things in the pipeline right now that we're to the point of testing, and we'd love to give you fine folks the opportunity to try out the content in advance and give us your feedback before release!

Right now we're looking for some folks to Beta Test a few things, primarily scenarios but there might be a few other surprises in store too. If this sounds like something you and your troupe would find interesting, be sure to send in an email to Alex so we can coordinate getting you the needed information.


Thanks again, and as always, for continuing to join and support us on this awesome journey. Now get out there and do some gaming!

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