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Hunters Gathering: Jul. 2019

Another Round of News Hello once again to this fantastic community of gamers, is everyone all set for the monthly news? Of course you are, but as usual before we begin, you know we have some stuff to touch on. So, just have a quick reminder to connect with us on any of our official social media pages:

Shipping Kicking Off

So, for those of you who have been backers of our Kickstarter projects will know from recent project updates that shipping of the products is getting underway this month. That means very soon now you'll have the complete Outbreak: Undead.. 2nd Edition and Icarus products in your hands. We're very excited to be getting to this point in both the projects, and hope you're also excited to really start diving deep into these games. Thanks again for all your wonderful support, without this amazing community we wouldn't be doing the things that we do now!

Origins Game Fair Recap

Over this month we had the opportunity to head out to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH. While we weren't able to get the whole team out for the event, those in attendance had an awesome time getting to hang out with the community, run some of our games for fantastic tables of players, and just soaking in all of the great gaming goodness that permeated the weekend. We also took part in the Free RPG Day festivities with some fun content drops for both Kids on Bikes and Outbreak: Undead.. 2nd Edition.

Now, we understand that not all of you were able to make it out for the convention, so we made sure to capture a few shots of the proceedings so you could get at least some of that feeling. As with last year, we'll also have our Free RPG content available in digital form in the very near future for everyone to enjoy. So fear not, you won't be left in the proverbial dark on things.

So, without further ado, here are a few shots from the convention this year:

Free Content Friday

Free Content Friday for Outbreak: Undead.. has reached a very major milestone today. For those of you keeping track, this marks our 12th release since bringing back this fan favorite content! Of course that also means that we've come to the end of the road, but before we dive into all of that we should talk about this latest release a bit.

So for this latest installment of the series we thought we'd close it out in similar fashion to how we kicked it all off, with a scenario. A City Under One Roof comes to us from someone we think all of you, or at least most of you, will recognize by name alone. He has joined us on We're Alive: Frontier, has been bringing you loads of great gaming content, and also just so happens to be a member of the #vamily these nights. Of course we're referring to the one and only B. Dave Walters! So swing your way up to the frozen north in an effort to distance yourself from the infected - surely this plan will work a treat.

Be sure to drop by and grab your copy, available now in the Outbreak: Undead.. Downloads and on DriveThruRPG!

Now, as we mentioned at the top of this section, this marks the 12th and final release of Free Content Friday for this particular run. Moving forward, we'll be taking a brief break on the FCF content, but that doesn't mean that you should mourn or despair the loss of this content line. In the next month we'll have some additional details for all of you regarding our future plans for the Free Content Friday line. In the meantime, if you have some ideas for possible future FCF releases, pop an email directly to Alex for more information on how to get involved as we roll forward.

GenCon Incoming

To close things out this month it seems appropriate to mention GenCon, after all, we're just a mere 25 days away from the big event! As you're no doubt aware, as usual Hunters Entertainment will be in attendance with our partners from Renegade Game Studios. This year we'll have a presence out on the vendor hall (Booth #2211 in the Family Fun Pavilion), be running a load of games (we sold out fast, but we've submitted more and will let you know if they get approved, but you can also keep an eye out for them to pop up), doing autograph signings with the devs of your favorite games, and even participating in a few special events over the weekend.

Regarding those special events outside of games, if you're looking to pickup tickets there are still some available. Just follow the provided links to grab yours today:

And as noted above, once we have confirmation that the additional games we submitted have been approved we'll be sure to let you all know so you have the opportunity to get in on the sessions! We're very much looking forward to seeing everyone at the event and hope you'll make some time to come by and say hi.


Thanks again, and as always, for continuing to join and support us on this awesome journey. Now get out there and do some gaming!

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