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Hunters Gathering: Sep. 2019

I'm Late, I'm Late, For a Very Important Date! Well hello to all of you wonderful folks out there in the digital space, and so sorry for the delay. We've been doing some behind the scenes shuffling here at Hunters, and in that process I, your humble author for the Hunters Gathering, have been promoted to Project Manager here at the company! Getting transitioned into this caused me to be a bit delayed getting this out, but fear not because we're not going away. Now before we get into all the news, just a really quick reminder to everyone to connect with us on any of our official social pages:

Available In Retail!

So to get things started off for this round of news we wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that both Icarus and all of Outbreak: Undead.. 2nd Edition is now available in retail distribution. You can head over to the Renegade Game Studios website to pick up your copies, or even swing by your Friendly Local Game Store for a visit and grab a copy while you're there! We're very excited to finally have these products out for you to enjoy, and would love to hear all about your games on our social pages.

We still have plenty more content on the way though, including some of our Stretch Goal content from the Outbreak: Undead.. Kickstarter, so there is no need to fret.

Alliance Open House!

While the team at Hunters wasn't able to make it to the show this year, our partners at RGS absolutely were! From what we hear the event was pretty fantastic, and we're super thankful for all the positive reactions to our content from around the industry. We look forward to catching up with everyone next time.

Before I finish off on this little tidbit, I did want to share a little something cool from the show. Marshall Jones from Dragon's Roost stopped by to show off one of our old school business cards! That thing looks like it belongs to a survivor for sure, love the weathering on it at this point. Thanks so much for coming by, Marshall, and for your continued support!

Free Content Friday?

So some folks have recently reached out to us wondering about why they haven't seen any recent Free Content Friday releases from us. Just to make sure we have it out there, and that everyone is aware, the most recent run of FCF that was funded by our generous Outbreak: Undead.. Kickstarter backers has come to a close of the run with all 12 releases having been dropped.

Of course, we love Free Content Friday just as much as all of you, so don't worry about it suddenly fading away again. Returning 2020, FCF will be getting an all new and expanded run of content for our community to enjoy. Yes, you read that correctly as well, we'll be expanding on the line to include content from more of our award winning game lines, meaning even more content for everyone to enjoy.

You can check out the announcement banner and additional details for all of this below:

When we return, FCF will be coming to even more of our games! That's right, you'll be getting free content each month for Outbreak: Undead.., Kids on Bikes, and Icarus! In order to start cultivating that content and getting everything in place we needed this little bit of lead time. So, that should generally explain where we are with all of this.

So, that means that all of you can start sending in your concepts via email to see about your chance to write for one of your favorite games! The process is pretty straight forward, send your concept (just a paragraph or so to describe your idea) in an email directly to Alex (me) so it can be reviewed. If approved, we'll pay you to move forward with the development of the concept into a full release. Keep in mind, FCF content should (once fully developed) take no more than 1-5 pages. We look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you on some awesome new content!

Oh, and while you wait for the hot new content to start rolling out, you can still grab the past Outbreak: Undead.. releases on DTRPG for the time being.


Thanks for taking a moment to catch up with us, and we look forward to seeing you out there on social media and at shows. Get out there and play games!

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