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Hunters Gathering: Jan. 2020

Back From Holiday! Greetings everyone, and Happy New Year to you all. We hope that everyone has has a fantastic holiday season and that your year has started off wonderfully. I'm sure you're excited to hear what we have in store so we won't hold you up much, plus we have a fair bit to go over to kick off the year. That said, however, just a quick reminder to come connect up with the team and community on our official social pages:

New Year, New You. Be Any Body!

Can you endure the cost of immortality? What would you be willing to do in order to survive in a society where the rich never die - continuing to amass and hoard wealth, influence, and power? Are you ready to step into a cyberpunk, neo-noir world of transhumanity where death isn’t always the end?

Everyone has been craving news about Altered Carbon The Roleplaying Game, and we’re very pleased to let you know that the time for more details is at hand. The first thing we want to tell you is that the Kickstarter is launching February 3rd! Follow Hunters Entertainment on Kickstarter to be notified when we go live, and prepare to needlecast to a whole new world, with a whole new sleeve.

Once we go live, you'll be greeted by a plethora of exclusive rewards and limited-edition releases so enticing you'll swear you were dosed with Merge-9. We'll also have a Quick Start Guide available, welcoming you to take a stroll around Bay City and enjoy a first look at the game itself. Best of all, we've been working hard with Skydance Media and the creative team behind the TV series on some amazing Stretch Goals that would make even the most illustrious of Meths blush.

Free Content Friday 2020 Begins!

We know that you have been missing it over the last couple of months while we've been on a break to adjust, but the wait is now over and we think you'll find it was worth it. Now that we are ready to kick off the Free Content Friday 2020 run it seems like a good time to remind you about the program some, and how it is expanding for the new year.

Free Content Friday is a program at Hunters Entertainment where we collaborate with industry veterans and members of our amazing community to bring fresh and free content to our games. In 2020 we're very pleased to grow the program to include Outbreak: Undead.., Kids on Bikes, and Icarus! So, what about the first content on offer for this year?

For Outbreak: Undead.. we have a brand new Scenario for you to test your survivors against, taking you to a rustic summer camp in upper Maine. The aptly titled "Assault on Camp Watipoco" is brought to us by first time writer and member of the community, Corby Kennard. Camp just isn't going to be the same this year!

With Kids on Bikes, developer Doug Levandowski has cooked up a little treat that also happens to relate to Teens in Space. More specifically, he has created a "Conversion Guide" to help you port content from one game to the other with even more ease. This should bridge a couple small gaps in the process and give even more adaptability to your adventures, be they in small towns or the vast cosmos!

Finally for Icarus we have a fun alternative, put together by developer Spenser Starke, that explores using the game as a Session 0 tool for other games. In this first installment he explores "Session 0 for Kids on Bikes" and how you might add a little more to your adventures by incorporating this into your character creation process. You have to love getting more out of your games by using your other games!

That covers the new content you can download over on DriveThruRPG (and it is available right now), but don't forget that you can also get involved by creating content for the program. Just send an email to Alex with a pitch for a content release, and if we approve the idea you'll get to work it up professionally with the team and be paid for your work! We look forward to working with you.

Outbreak Soundscape for Syrinscape!

Now that we have had the chance to roll it out to our Kickstarter Backers, we're very pleased to let you know that the Outbreak Soundscape is coming to Syrinscape on January 10th! Believe us when we say that this will bring a whole new dimension to your games of Outbreak: Undead.. by breathing some extra (un)life into your sessions through the element of sound.

And what a diverse little package we have for you with this one. You're going to get everything from different kinds of zombies, weapons fire, ambient wilderness and city ruins, to commotion around the camp or Stronghold. This package has a little bit of everything including some premixed compositions to use, and with the customization options available in the Syrinscape Player you'll be mixing together the perfect score for your games in no time. Take a look at this beauty:

The Outbreak Soundscape in the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player

Raging for Gaia!

Another area that is no doubt of interest to many of you out there would be Werewolf: The Apocalypse 5th Edition. Since we originally announced that we would be bringing it to the tabletop in 2021 we've had a chance to sit down and chat a bit about our feelings on taking up this mantle. As we are aware that all of you are dying for any information you can get your hands on we thought it might be helpful to compile together these interviews in a single place for you to review. So, without anymore fuss, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Ivan chats with Doug from Victory Condition Gaming

Alex plays Jenga with Jacob from Dragon's Demize

We'll endeavor to get out some more details for you all soon, but in the meantime be sure to join in with the community on our Werewolf Discord Channel!


That covers things for the initial kickoff here, but you can expect loads of news to be coming in the following days and months. You know that we have a load in the works, and much of it is nearing a point where we can talk about it a little more. We're looking forward to embarking on yet another exciting year with all of you!

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