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Altered Carbon RPG now on Kickstarter!

From the award-winning game publisher who brought you Outbreak: Undead.., Kids on Bikes, and The ABCs of D&D, comes the official Altered Carbon tabletop roleplaying game based on the hit neo-noir cyberpunk Netflix series.

Based upon the best-selling novels by Richard K Morgan, Altered Carbon is set centuries into the future when the human mind has been digitized, and the soul itself is transferable from one body to the next. This twisted reality of transhumanity enables Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game to create challenging stories, complex characters, and century-spanning epics, all which explore the darkest aspects of human nature that the value of life and death once held in check. The core neo-noir themes of Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game promise endless sci-fi adventures, including:

  • Mystery — Solve the unfolding mystery. The gamemaster themselves may not even know who is the culprit at the beginning of the story!

  • Intrigue — Augments and re-sleeving don’t come without their own costs. Story-driven mechanics challenge players to balance their personal egos and baggage, influencing how players interact with one another and how their characters develop over time.

  • Action — An original game engine uniquely designed for the RPG delivering a strategic yet dynamic zone-based combat system with exotic high-tech weaponry and streamlined options for more action-oriented gameplay!

  • Drama — When murder is little more than extreme property damage, transhumanity is the perfect playground for noir storytelling that delves into the moral depths of our own humanity.

The 256-page, full-color core rulebook for Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game is now available for $50 on Kickstarter, containing everything that gamemasters and players need to play: an in-depth exploration of the Altered Carbon universe, extensive game mechanics, two adventure modules, and tons of original artwork and never-before-seen concept art that immerse players in the neon-drenched cyberpunk sandbox.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!


Hunters Entertainment

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