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Hunters Gathering: Mar. 2020

Closing the First Quarter! We are coming into the closing month of the first quarter of the year. As we keep rolling along here we have some more news and updates to share with you. First off, as always, a quick little reminder for you to come connect up with the team and community on our official social pages:

Spinning Up Altered Carbon!

Last month we launched the Kickstarter campaign for Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game to help us bring this amazing licensed RPG to life. You all came out to show such amazing support for the project, and now that we've come to the end we couldn't be happier with the results.

Seriously, a huge thanks to all 3940 backers who contributed $372,547 to bring us to a closing funding of 1862% of our initial goal!

Over the course of the campaign we unlocked numerous Stretch Goals bringing additional content to life in the process including 3 supplements further exploring Sol (Earth), a 4 episode liveplay series that will appear on Penny Arcade later this year, bringing on more artwork, and much more. Now that the campaign has come to a close we're hard at work making sure we get you all this amazing content according to our planned fulfillment schedule. We're also in the midst of finalizing the updates to the Quick Start Guide that was featured on the campaign page - it is being updated into 2 documents: a Rules Summary and an Introductory Scenario which is presently in the final review process before we get it out.

Oh, and before we move on, check out this amazing trailer for Altered Carbon Season 2 which debuted in the midst of the campaign February 27 on Netflix! If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and get a little binge watching in this weekend.

Free Content Friday 2020 Continues!

Moving into March means it is time for the next release of our Free Content Friday 2020 run! The quick rundown if you're new to the community:

Free Content Friday is a program at Hunters Entertainment where we collaborate with industry veterans and members of our amazing community to bring fresh and free content to our games. In 2020 we're very pleased to grow the program to include Outbreak: Undead.., Kids on Bikes, Icarus, and Overlight (via our partners at Renegade Game Studios)! So, what are we getting this month?

For Outbreak: Undead.. we have a brand new iconic figure of horror joining past releases such as "The Chainsaw Maniac" and "The Puzzlemaster" - in March (and anytime moving forward) you can introduce your survivors to "The Slasher" as a One Big Monster! This legendary horror symbols has been developed for 2nd Edition from team member and developer, yours truly, Alex Huilman. Things are about to get bloody!

With Kids on Bikes, we have something a little bit different for you this time around. For March we have something of an essay by friend of the team Jack Berkenstock, Jr., MHS entitled "Parents and Kids on Bikes" that explores using the system as more than just entertainment. Jack is a Co-Founder of The Bodhana Group; and puts in work as a therapeutic Gamemaster, and we think you'll find his insights invaluable.

Next for Icarus we are shifting gears a little bit this month, as we don't want you to feel like all you'll get this run are Session 0 rundowns. This time, lead developer Spenser Starke, has worked up an additional Setting Suggestion for you to use and add to the already impressive listing included in the Icarus rulebook. This time he takes you below the waves, down into "The Blue Depths" for a new perspective on civilization. Are you ready to take the plunge and tell the tale of Icarus?

Finally we have our Overlight offering for you, which is the next installment to the "Seeds of Berkhan" created by developers George Holland and Paul Alexander Butler. This installment chronicles a notable object from Pyre: The Eight Iron Harness. Skyborn may be on a quest for this storied item, or may stumble upon it in their journeys, depending on what their GM decides.

That covers this month's new free content that you can download over on DriveThruRPG (and it is available right now), but don't forget that you can also get involved by creating content for the program. Just send an email to Alex with a pitch for a content release, and if we approve the idea you'll get to work it up professionally with the team and be paid for your work! We look forward to working with you.

Warriors of Gaia!

Next we wanted to touch briefly on Werewolf: The Apocalypse as it is clear you're all salivating at the mouth for some more details. While we still aren't quite to a point where we can go crazy with rolling out info and teasers, we are drawing a lot closer to this point. For the past week the fearless Elders of our Sept have been in attendance in Stockholm for the Paradox Creative Summit, and this has afforded us the opportunity to really start getting a lot more locked down.

Part of this process has been sorting out a communication strategy for starting to get details out to the rest of the Garou Nation. We're obviously very excited for them to get back to the States so we can begin the process of implementation on everything achieved during the trip. So what about the meantime?

Well, we'd really love for you to come and join us on our Discord. A vast swath of the World of Darkness community has already popped in, but there is always room for more. We have some channel setup just for Werewolf for you to chat with the community and provide speculation and feedback to the team about where you think 5th Edition should take the game.


That covers things for now, but you guys, as crazy as it is to think about it - this is all just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. For now, get out there and play some games!

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