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Hunters Gathering: Jul. 2020

ENnies, Twitch, and More! Hello everyone! It's been an exciting month over at Hunters Entertainment, we are taking some drastic leaps in the field of entertainment! Before we get into the news, we need to make just a real quick reminder for you to come connect with the team and community on our official social pages:

Alice is Missing Wrapped!

We are excited to share that Alice is Missing blew all of our expectations out of the window, becoming the MOST BACKED project we have ever done! With over 5600 people participating in the campaign from all over the world. We're happy to say that Alice is Missing is already in pre-press and we are moving quickly on getting it out to printers. We've got some more exciting details to share with you in the days ahead, so keep your eyes peeled. If you missed out on the campaign, we'll be launching the pledge manager soon with the 'late pledge page' so you can still get involved!

Official Hunters Entertainment Twitch Channel

A few short weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting five Liveplay RPGs to be featured during Renegade Con - Virtual! Well it was so well received that we've decided to expand those efforts into a regular Hunters Entertainment Twitch Channel, offering TWO shows a week. That is over 20 hours of programming a month! Show One: Hunters Presents This will be a ongoing Liveplay series, featuring some new as well as familiar faces playing our games. We'll be doing serial shows (more than 1 episode) as well as one shots (single episode), that will air Tuesday Nights! Show Two: Hunters Gathering

A video presentation of the very newsletter you're reading now. We'll be featuring a host, Markeia McCarty, who will be going into all of the details of game design, production, and shows around our company. We'll be interviewing developers, talking about our design process (what we can talk about - we see you Werewolf folks salivating), and just being available to our community on a weekly basis!

ENnie Awards 2020!

As you may have heard, ENnie voting has begun. For those of you not familiar, the ENnies are the 'Peoples Choice Award' of the RPG industry. It's all done via online voting, and the winners are usually announced at GenCon (though this year it'll be GenCon Online).

In prior years, we've won awards for:

  • Outbreak: Undead (Judge's Spotlight 2011)

  • ABCs of RPGs (Best RPG Related Product 2017 Silver Winner)

  • Kids on Bikes (Best Family Game 2019 Gold Winner)

Well THIS YEAR, we have TWO products nominated, in THREE different categories!

  • Strange Adventures #2 (Best Family Game)

  • Icarus (Best Production Values, Best Rules)

If you'd like to check out the other nominations, and consider voting for us, we'd really appreciate it! You can also vote for Hunters Entertainment and Renegade Game Studios for Fan Favorite Publisher. You don't need to vote in every category in order to partcipate.

Free Content Friday 2020 July Releases!

On to July and the time is upon us for the next release of our Free Content Friday 2020 run! Here is a quick breakdown if you're new to this:

Free Content Friday is a program at Hunters Entertainment where we collaborate with industry veterans and members of our amazing community to bring fresh and free content to our games. In 2020 we've been very pleased to grow the program to include Outbreak: Undead.., Kids on Bikes, Icarus, and Overlight (via our partners at Renegade Game Studios)! So, what are we bringing you this time?

For Outbreak: Undead.. we are exploring a whole new concept for Gamemasters to add more depth to their outbreaks, a feature first seen in our Strain Series: ZOMBV! This release, created by our own Alex Huilman who also brought you the first of our Strain Series, will bring the concept of large factions to your survival stories with your first look being "The Preservation Society" who show up late into the outbreak. See how your survivors will choose to interact with this new feature, and make use of the format to come up with your own unique and interesting factions!

With our Powered by Kids on Bikes line we are getting back to the basic with a twist in Kids on Bikes through the all new setting prompt entitled "Grannies on Scooters" developed by the incomparable Banana Chan and John LeMaire! You've got a slew of new rules to make use of and a wildly fun setting to explore. This prompt really does prove that Kids aren't the only ones who can have strange adventures, despite the name of the game!

Next we have some more Icarus content in the form of a brand new Setting Suggestion ripe for you to make a civilization and watch it rise and fall! For a change of pace the selection this month come from Olivia Adams, a previous contributor to Free Content Friday and one of our amazing convention team members, and her setting "The Breathing Machine" is a whole new kind of experience. See what problems lead to the eventual collapse of this fantastical place!

Last but not least we have Overlight for you, and this month we continue with the Seeds of Berkhan takes us to "The Spindle," an impressive tower so tall that at the top you can't see the ground below! If you hope to access the impressive libraries contained here, among other things, you'll want to grab this latest release today. Bring a little more color to your world!

That covers this month's new free content that you can download over on DriveThruRPG (and it is available right now), but don't forget that you can also get involved by creating content for the program. Just send an email to Alex with a pitch for a content release, and if we approve the idea you'll get to work it up professionally with the team and be paid for your work! We look forward to working with you.


Until next month, stay healthy and stay safe. We're all in this together!

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