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Hunters Gathering: Aug. 2018

And We're Back! Hey to all the Survivors and the Kids out there! We've been out of commission for a little while now, but we're happy to let you know that we're back in full swing as of this point where it pertains to the blog. Things died down for a bit as we transitioned platforms and did a complete overhaul of the website. Expect to be hearing from us on the regular once again now that everything is finally getting settled on that front, though we'll be shifting to a beginning of the month release slate as opposed to end of the month (delays for major events not withstanding).

As always, you can also connect with us on any of our official social media pages: Hunters Entertainment on Twitter, Hunters Entertainment on Facebook, Outbreak: Undead.. on Facebook, and Kids on Bikes on Facebook. You can also join the discussion with other fans and our team in the official community groups on Facebook for your favorite games: Outbreak: Undead.. Community and Kids on Bikes Community.

Gen Con 2018 Recap Being as this is August, we just attended Gen Con as we do every year. This was our second proverbial rodeo since partnering with Renegade Game Studios and it was a truly wonderful experience yet again (not that we're surprised)! We ran a number of demo games for both Outbreak: Undead.. 2nd Edition as well as Kids on Bikes that were simply a fantastic time for everyone involved. Our volunteer team did such a great job showing off the games to so many amazing players over the course of the weekend.

Speaking of the volunteers, thanks again to all of you who helped to make this weekend so splendid: Brittany Wheless, Brian Greene, Sam Huilman, Rick Coverdale, and Daniel Norton. We'd also like to give an extra thanks to Alcuin Gersh for taking time out of a busy schedule to do a demo game with some of the fans, as well as Noxweiler Berf for all the time spent making some awesome props and acting as our resident Rag and Bone Man!

Of course that was just the start of the fun over the weekend. This year we did our first ever Zombie Survival Scavenger Hunt, something of an ARG as an added treat for all of our loyal survivors out there. While it wasn't without a few hiccups, overall we're generally happy with how it all worked out and everyone who played seemed to have a pretty good time with it. Thanks to all of the awesome vendors who participated in the game from across the industry! We've made some notes and will look into how we might be able to improve on this idea for the future, but we'd like to give a big congratulations to the winner of the event: Austin Runkel. We sure hope you enjoy the fully stocked Bug Out Bag and copy of the Survivor's Guide to start putting your survival skills to the test!

Along with all of that we also did a couple of signings at the booth. We were fortunate enough to have quite the stacked lineup featuring a mix of our development team and members from the cast of We're Alive: Frontier! We really appreciate B. Dave Walters, Alcuin Gersh, and Xander Jeanneret for doing us and the fans the honor of coming by to hang out and sign books and promo materials! And of course thanks to all of you who stopped by to chat with us and grab signatures, it is always so much fun to get a chance to interact with you all.

Alright, so enough with all the talk, we need to see some pictures of all of this you say. Not a problem!

We're Alive: Frontier Season 2 Some additional news that came out during Gen Con was that Season 2 of our hit series We're Alive: Frontier will premier this October! You asked for it (and asked for it), and we're proud to say that we're going to deliver. You can check out all of Season 1 right now on Alpha to make sure you're all caught up before the new season drops (new members can use code "FRONTIER" for a 90-day free trial). Once you're all caught up, or if you already are, you can catch the announcement trailer for Season 2 right here courtesy of the fine folks at Geek & Sundry:

Obviously we're really excited to be able to bring together another Season of this series, and it is all thanks to all of you faithful viewers and your support! We have a lot of exciting things in store, but you'll just have to tune in to see where the story goes.

Outbreak: Undead.. News For all of the survivors out there, we want to be sure you didn't miss that we dropped the first of our "Free Content Friday" offerings thanks to the efforts of our 2nd Edition Kickstarter Backers! You can pick up the current FCF release over on the Outbreak: Undead page here on our website. For this first release we have Part 1 of a 2 Part Scenario created by our own Outbreak: Undead lead developer Christopher De La Rosa entitled The Passage. This also features a new Undead template that you can make use of while waiting on the Gamemaster's Guide to roll out so be sure to grab this one!

For those of you who don't remember how FCF content works: each offering is made available as a free download on the first Friday of the month, with every subsequent release replacing the previous one. If you miss out on some of the releases you don't have to worry as every year we collect together the 12 past releases and compile them together into an Annual that is made available for sale with some additional cleanup and presentation work added to the final book. This time around we've also taken the opportunity to get some folks involved with the project from outside of our normal development team, and we're pretty excited for you to get your hands on some of the things that have been getting cooked up.

We're also working hard on the final editing and layout process for the Gamemaster's Guide which will complete the Core Rules alongside the already finished Survivor's Guide. From there we'll be focusing on some supplemental content that was made possible thanks to our Backers that will really stand to make 2nd Edition be an even more robust zombie survival simulation with the added benefit of two Strain Series entries in the form of ZOMBV and Chimera giving you new types of zombies and actual Settings to go along with them. You'll be able to take some of the work out of the sandbox experience and get right into the action.

We've got even more stuff in mind for all of you survivors out there to enjoy beyond all of this, but for now we don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves.

Kids on Bikes News We really hope you didn't think this line was going to be a one and done, because by now you should know that isn't really our style. Now that we are getting everything fully settled with the Kickstarter content and the game out into the world it is a good time for us to start talking about what the future holds.

First up on deck is Strange Adventures #1 which will compile all of the Adventure Modules from the Deluxe Edition of the Core Rules into a standalone book. Not just that, but we're also going to include the fantastic comic that Jim Zub did for the Deluxe Edition there as well because it is just too much fun for so many of you to miss out on. If you didn't spring for the Deluxe Edition when you picked up the game you'll have your chance to enjoy all of that great content soon!

We aren't stopping there, though, because we're already in the process of getting Strange Adventures #2 cooked up. Yep, that's right, we're going to be bringing you even more Adventure Modules to help breath some more life into your games when you need that special something to fill that gap between your own amazing ideas or just need something to get you all right into the action quick. We'll chat about this one a little more as we work towards the release, but we're confident that this will be a great addition to your stash.


That's just about everything we've got for you right now. Thanks again to everyone who made Gen Con an amazing time for everyone on our team, and we'll chat at you all very soon!

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